Ministry Training Program

What a tremendous honor that God has chosen you to be His servant! Your responsibility now, is to respond to the call and begin your process of stepping into the call.

Hands-On Training

Dedicated Leader to mentor you through each level with internship available onsite.

Spirit & Faith Filled

Non-denominational school of ministry equipping you to walk into your calling

Ordination Plan

From a minister in training to full ordination. LWM School of Ministry will prepare you .

An In-depth 4 Level Process

Our First level is for those who feel a calling from God, throughout the first level they will have an opportunity to hear God's voice and know whether they are called to full time ministry and or to follow a lay minister track.

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Application to LWM School of Ministry

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Level 1 Minister in Training

Our Level 1 Minister in Training course is a full year process that would be the equivalent to a Freshman year in Bible College. When you finish your first year of service and courses, you should have full clarity from the Holy Spirit if full time ministry is for you. It is at this point where you will make the decision to move on to levels 2-5.

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What Our Ministers Have to Say

Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA
Zasha Swan
From Boston, USA
Frank Jones
From Houston, USA
Jack Brownn
From Houston, USA